21 day detox

Gain energy, lose the bloat, and detoxify at the same time!

This whole food detox program is designed for weight loss and detoxification while supporting proper replenishment after your workout. Lose inches and gain energy in just a few weeks.

Program Includes:

  • Two 30 minute consultations
  • 3 weeks of meal plans, shop lists, and recipes
  • Unlimited email support
  • Measurements taken at the start and end of program

"I felt amazing throughout this program. I feel better, have less migraines, and am much more energized. I plan on continuing on the meal plan going forward."

~J. Swenson

"If you can get through the first 72 hours, you will start to see and feel a big difference in your energy levels and your eating habits each day going forward."

~ J. Giunta"

" I really enjoyed the whole experience. I feel much healthier and have made the commitment to continue many of the principles of the plan and be more mindful of what I eat everyday. I ate new foods and really enjoyed them. I also didn’t miss my “favorite” foods as much as I thought I would.  Thank you Jackie!"

~L. Maloney

Eat healthy, delicious meals and still lose weight!

Eat healthy, delicious meals and still lose weight!