Are you ready to take accountability of your health?

21 Day Spring Detox

Program Includes

  • 3 weeks of meal plans
  • Shopping lists and recipes for each week
  • 2- 30 minute in office meetings, or over the phone

This food based detox was designed for weight loss and detoxification.  It has been carefully created to support digestion and easy absorption of nutrients to fuel your body effectively and maximize energy . It was also designed to support proper nourishment for pre and post workouts supporting the body with complex gluten free carbs needed pre-workout and proper protein intake for after.

This 3 week food plan is vegetarian for the first two weeks with the exception of eggs and fish. Other animal protein will be reintroduced in the third week. All processed and fast food has been eliminated along with dairy, caffeine, and alcohol. After all it is a detox! But don't worry, all meals are delicious and quick and easy to make! 

Now is the perfect time for you to take accountability of your health! In just three weeks you will lose weight, feel less bloated, gain energy, and even improve sleep. This low-glycemic, anti-inflammatory program provides lifestyle changes necessary to jump start your health goals whether you are living with a diagnosed medical condition, or just overall don't feel well.



"I felt amazing throughout this program. I feel better, have less migraines, and I am much more energized. I plan on continuing with the meal plan going forward."                             ~J. Swenson

"This plan helped me eat at regular intervals. Helped me focus on my goals of eating better, exercising more, and not drinking regularly. Jackie's food is also easy to cook and a pleasure to eat and yummy. Now I have an arsenal of delish food!                                    ~B. Niederman

"If you can get through the first 72 hours you will start to see and feel a big difference in your energy levels and eating habits each day going forward."                                                         ~J. Giunta

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