Diet, Cholesterol, and Blood Pressure

"I started seeing Jackie because my cholesterol became very elevated. I’m 62 years old, and the number had always been a little high, but with a good ratio, so I was able to avoid any statin drugs. However my total cholesterol rose to 331 and my doctor told me I MUST start taking medication to bring it down. I’m an RN and I know all medication has side effects, so I asked him to give me 3 months to lower it with diet change and he agreed, saying, “nobody ever succeeds on diet alone, you’ll need the drugs”.

I thought I had a pretty healthy diet. At 5ft. 6in. and 145 lbs. I didn’t consider myself overweight. I did yoga regularly, but not the athletic, get-you-heart-rate-elevated kind. I had no idea what changes to make, but Jackie assured me if I followed her advice, my cholesterol would come down. I’ll skip right to the good part—in three months it was down to 213 with an excellent ratio. I was so excited to be able to prove my doctor was wrong!

I never had weight loss as a goal, but I lost 20 lbs. without trying. I was never hungry and my cravings disappeared. My blood pressure dropped from 120/70 to 96/60. I feel SO healthy, and I believe it is because of this diet plan because I changed nothing else. My chronic back pain is practically resolved due to the anti inflammatory nature of the food I consume. I have a profound sense of well being that apparently others have noticed- I refer them to Jackie.

I have no trouble adhering to the diet. It is spelled out in detail, every meal and snack is right there, including recipes and shopping lists. Eleven months later I’m happily maintaining the weight loss and have no trouble being almost completely compliant. I was highly motivated to follow the plan to stay off medication, but the benefits have exceeded all my expectations. The diet also addresses my osteopenia. I have to wait another year to be re checked, but I’m expecting improvement there as well!"

~L. Schiffanhaus