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~OJ Anderson, Former NY Giant and Super Bowl MVP

I took part in an Optimal Wellness Challenge with some friends, fellow teammates who played in the NFL.  Jackie supervised me and my friends in changing our eating habits. We accomplished everything that we were looking to do. Lowered blood pressure, lowered sugar levels due to diabetes, lowered cholesterol and even shed some pounds. With Jackie's help and guidance, I Ottis won the contest with a change of body structure and lost some pounds in the making. Plus my numbers were lower than my teammates. Jackie thank you. You made a difference!!!!!!

~Cheryl VanRiper

Thank you Jackie for all your support and encouragement during my detox. Your suggestions for meal prep were for real people. I feel that this a realistic, do-able plan to follow.

~Elliot Gorman

One of the biggest and best differences between this program and others that I have tried is the fact that I was never hungry. I also preferred this mix of food over any of the "protein only" diets.

~Louise DeBellonia

I had always heard it was best to eliminate processed foods, but honestly didn't believe it was possible and couldn't figure out how to do it. Thanks to Jackie's program I figured it out and found a world of delicious healthy options. Now I prepare healthy, delicious, clean, fresh meals for my family and couldn't be happier. Thanks Jackie!

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