Gastrointestinal Health

 "After suffering for over 25 years with various gastrointestinal problems with various misdiagnoses and failed medications, a new doctor I was seeing decided to run a food allergy blood panel.  The results indicated that even though I did not have Celiac Disease, I did have a sensitivity to gluten, along with whole grains and casein and am also afflicted with systemic candida.  

Jackie taught me all about proper food combining, which foods to remove from my diet (and why) and how to cook healthy (yet delicious) meals.  We removed all gluten, casein, whole grains and starches from my diet.  She prepared personalized meal plans and even a shopping list incorporating foods I liked to eat, and avoiding foods I didn't like.  I started taking the Nutrametrix vitamins, supplements and digestive enzymes Jackie recommended.  I could not believe how well I felt after just TWO WEEKS of eating properly!  It has now been just 3 months since I first saw Jackie and I have since had follow-up blood work.   My cholesterol was down, my severely deficient Vitamin D was now within range, my severely deficient Omegas were almost within range, my inflammatories were down, my glucose was in check, I lost a significant amount of weight and gained an incredible amount of energy and personal confidence.  I can't say it has been easy avoiding many of the foods that I love and have grown so accustomed to eating.  But with Jackie's help and support, and my hard work and persistence, I feel like a new person.  I am gaining more and more confidence in being able to leave my house without fearing I will become sick while I'm out.  I am healthier and happier thanks to Jackie and I highly recommend her."

~ L. St. Clair