7 Day Detox

Program Includes:

~ 7 Day Vegetarian Food Plan 

~ Recipes and Shop List

~ NutriClean Cleansing Kit

~ 30 Minute Consultation

Detox and feel better with this 7 day cleanse. This program was devised for healthy adults looking to detoxify and promote liver and colon health while supporting beneficial bacteria and balanced bowels.

The carefully constructed meal plan supports easy digestion and absorption of nutrients. Everything we eat requires enzymes to break down and absorb nutrients. Watching what foods we eat together simplifies this  process while supporting supporting weight loss and digestive discomfort.

* This program is not intended to treat chronic constipation, which could be a symptom of a serious disease.  If you experience chronic constipation, you should consult your physician before starting any detox program. 

NutriClean Cleansing Kit Includes:

HepatoCleanse Capsules - Liver support

Release Capsules - Colon support

Fiber Powder - Digestive balance 

For more information on Nutrametrix Nutriclean 7 Day Cleansing System , the ingredients, and scientific studies please click the link below.

7 Day Detox I $195.00

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12 Week Transformation

Program Includes:

~ 1 month meal plan, recipes, and shop lists

~ Unlimited group training provided by JDCore Training

~ Initial and final weigh in

~ Unlimited Facebook support

~ Weekly raffle giveaways and top weight loss percentage awards

This program was designed for the average person looking to maximize their health. Eliminate bloating, indigestion, and other digestive discomforts while fueling their body effectively pre and post  workout. Energy levels will increase and weight will melt off with proper nutritional guidance and training. Group training classes are unlimited. The 4 week plan will be used throughout the 12 weeks.

Our goal is to empower your belief in yourself and provide the knowledge necessary for you to continue the lifestyle changes learned throughout the program!

Space is limited!

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12 Week Transformation I $399.00

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Gut Healing Program - $395

Special Promotion! This 6 week program has been extended at no extra cost!

As a special New Year's promotion we are extending our 6 week gut healing program to 12 weeks at no additional cost! That's an extra 6 weeks of free nutritional guidance and support!

Optimal health begins with a healthy gut. This three phase, 12 week program is devised to help rebalance and restore gut health, improve digestion, and increase energy levels while supporting your weight loss goals.

Digestive discomfort such as bloating, gas, indigestion, and heart burn will be lessened, if not eliminated altogether! Sugar and cholesterol levels will be supported and energy levels and mental clarity will improve by the end of the program! 

Register today! Offer ends January 31, 2020

Program Includes:

- Six weeks of meal plans

- Delicious recipes and shopping lists

- Two 30 minute meetings (virtual or in office) 

- Measurements taken at the start and end 

- Unlimited email support